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How to Coach AND Do Social Media at the Same Time

Updated: Nov 16, 2019

It's hard holding the iPhone steady when you're coaching third base! Social media is the best way for you to shout out your players and promote your program, but you're swamped. Wrangling players, talking to the opposing coaches and getting rides to the field in time for I/O, doesn't leave you a lot of posting time.

Here are a few quick hits to help you multi-task your social media, while mono-tasking on coaching:


  • Draft 3 Stringers - Ask a few trusted parents and friends to grab footage of their kid and two others. Have them text you their best 2 videos and best 2 pics. File under "unpaid internship."

  • Give Smart Phone Tips - Don't shoot into the sun, avoid the chain link fence heavy shots, adjust the focus to capture the action. Don't just take pics of your kid. If you have to repeat that last one, reconsider your draft picks.


  • Coach & have fun! You know, if it's that kinda game....

Post Game

  • Organize Game Footage - Thank the parents and make sure they text you before they hit the parking lot. Add vids and pix to new folder. NAME the folder.

  • Get Your Reporter On - WHO, WHAT WHERE, WHEN, WHY & HOW - What's the headline, who won, who did well, where was the game, why did you win/lose, how do you get better for next game. Seriously, it will take 3 minutes - do it while fresh, or after you replay every call the ump missed.

  • Post It - You should have 3 quality posts ready to go and file footage for the future. Remember that your team and players will be famous to their family, friends and your community. Show your grit and flash your personality, but let that optimism and positivity fly!

For more social media tips tricks or complaints about umps missing calls - hit us up at

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