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If you're in the Baseball biz, you're now in the Media business - 3 Things to Know

Breaking down this week's Chin Music, if you've got a baseball business, congrats! You're the proud owner of two businesses - Baseball AND Media.

What the what????

It may sound a little self-serving, but you need a strong digital presence to be found, searched, googled, liked, shared etc. Don't believe us? Where'd you find that burger joint when you were on the road? How'd you find your dry cleaner? Plumber? Hotel room? Get the point - you google what you don't know.

There are 257 million cell phones in the US. 16 million of those are owned by baseball players. That doesn't include their moms and dads looking for the right team, coach, product or facility to meet their kid's needs. Stop for a second and ask yourself, how much of my business is coming in from word of mouth, from customers you know? How much is new business?

Now for a few fastballs up and in, how WOULD they find you? Are you putting your story out there? Are you putting your customers' stories out there? And where? And how often? Like most folks we know, you're busy. You get paid to be in a cage, on the field or selling your products. You don't get paid to do social.

Our business is devoted to helping baseball people tell their story and find their audience. We will be posting tons on this topic with advice and examples, but to get things started, here are three things you should be doing NOW that DON'T COST A DIME:

1) TURN TWO - Instagram and Facebook are the two best places to build an audience AND a business. You need both social media channels. Kids use Insta, Parents use Facebook. Speak and post accordingly. Don't know what to post? Think about what you do every day that provides value to the world. Take a pic or a vid of that. Share.

2) GOOGLE MY BUSINESS - You have to let your local and/or national audience know that you exist and are on line. Once you do this, you can be found. You can build searchable products for your baseball business, service or team easily.

Here's the link: GOOGLE MY BUSINESS

3) POST CONSISTENTLY - We all struggle with this, but consistent posting builds a presence, and audience and gives

If you're struggling to find the time to get it all done, welcome to the club! For the cost of a few lessons a year, we could come in and help. If we can save you some time and get you on the field faster, you can help more players and make more money (or go spend some time with your own family). So, let's chat about how we can help.

ATTN DIY'ers..... If your needs are smaller and you need a little advice or have a question, just shoot us an e-mail at You could also call us - 973-337-6518. It's free. We're happy to help.

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