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  • Are you guys expensive?
    Heck no! Actually, we're pretty damn affordable. Our pricing is based on what a private coach charges for a lesson at most facilities. That's why we named the company "small ball media group," and not "GRAND SLAM MEDIA." We put our name in lower case letters because we we're clever like that, but more importantly, we beileve in realistic results. We want to help your business grow and be responsible with whatever marketing budget you entrust to us. We're a small agency with our own marketing budget as well, so we get it. It's gotta work.
  • What big brand experience do you guys have?
    Nike, MLB, Interscope Records to name a few. Mark, the guy that started the company, did retail marketing for two powerhouse brands, Nike and VIrgin Media. Prior to that, he worked at Saks 5th Avenue, so add a dash of luxury marketing and you get our vibe. Pssst! One of the secrets to big brand marketing is that not every project has a big budget, it just needs to look like it did. That's where we come in on strategy, look and tactics.
  • Why aren't you guys right for all companies?
    We're not for everyone. We specialize in small to mid-sized companies. If you are a big brand or a large corporation, we might not be the best fit for you. If we can help, we'll be honest. If not, we know a lot of agency people in large NYC shops that can scale to your size. If you are a small / emerging brand, training facility or team, AND you are serious about growing your business and your audience, we might be a great fit. We love working with people who are hands-on with their business and need help with social, marketing or design work. We should talk and see if we are a match for each other. We also like working with nice people, because we're pretty nice ourselves.
  • Do you guys really only do baseball marketing?
    100% yes! We LOVE the game. We watch MLB channel in the off-season, have Jaeger bands bolted to the wall in our office and still play & coach. We have worked in baseball facilities with nasty breakrooms and bad parking and still have ZERO desire to market dry cleaners or dentists. Baseball is a big business made up of many small and mid-sized companies. We know we can help and think we have a lot to offer.
  • Can I do some of the Social Media Marketing myself?
    Of course - we encourage it! You can make a killer marketing statement by combining what we do best with what you do best. Your eye, feel for the business and customer knowledge will be central to how we help take you to market. Where we can really help is varying the look and feel of your posts while maintaining brand consistency and engaging with your audience. You can rely on us to frame out your marketing calendar with regular posts that look sharp and set you apart from your competition. Check out "Plans & Pricing"for what might be best for you.
  • Can you guys do all my Social Media Marketing for me?
    Totally! When you're swamped, who has time to whip out the iPhone during a meeting, a lesson or while coaching 3rd base? For our clients who are super busy and those with larger businesses, we have a few packages that can keep you on revenue or with your family while your business is attracting new customers and highlighting the best of what you have to offer. Check out "Plans & Pricing" for what might be best for you.
  • What if I want to do all of my own Social Media Marketing?
    We respect that DIY spirit & can help you get going with some professional guidance! We have starter plans and coaching packages that can help you go on your own. We'll teach you brand consistency, do's & don't's of social and how to algin your business to your campaigns. Give us an hour consult, and we can tailor a block of time just for you. Check out "Plans & Pricing"for more info. Weren't expecting that, were you?
  • We're not in Jersey. How's this going to work?
    Great question! Simple answer - kinda like the way we work for our NY/NJ clients. We chat on the phone, use Facetime and Skype. After our initial strategy session, we'll ask you to take a few pictures, shoot some video and park it on a shared drive. We can take it from there or you can be more involved. Depending on where you need help, we'll create content for you, post it regularly and pop it up in the cloud for you to DIY. We're pretty easy to work with and happy to hop on a plane for larger projects.
  • Do you guys talk like Tony Soprano?
    No, why yuse guys keep askin' us dat??? While we live and work in North Jersey near all things Soprano's including Holstein's Ice Cream (where series' final scene was shot), Mark is actually from Maryland. He grew up on a farm outside of Baltimore, loves the Orioles and occaisionally will bust out a very Baltimore-y "Oh yeah hun." Call him and ask him to do it for you. No, seriously call him and make him talk like that.
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