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5 Essentials to Boosting Your Baseball Instagram Following

Updated: Nov 16, 2019

The biggest question we get ALL THE TIME, is "How do I get more followers?"

We always shoot a question back in response, "Why do you want more followers?" I swear we are not messing with you, but unlocking the "Why" tells you all you need to know about building the right neighborhood of follower around you.

Whether you are a baseball brand, a coach or own a training facility, having a lot of followers doesn't guarantee to lots of sales, lessons or dedicated players. You want the right followers that love baseball, need training, are looking for a team or a genius coach with awesome social media skills.

So how do you do that? A little tough to get it all in one post, but here are 5 Essential Social Media Tips, we share at games, parking lots and concession stands. We'll leave that time in the Mens Room out of it....

  1. Be true to you - What is in your bio? What do you do? Who do you help? Who helps you? Keep your content and expectations consistent to who you are. Push everything you post and want to say through the prism of baseball and what makes you, well, you!

  2. Know your audience - You love baseball, we love baseball. See how much we have in common already? The game is big and has lots of opportunities to share RELEVANT content because we have a shared experience. If you found a hilarious cat video, post it on your personal account. If you find a hilarious video of a cat running onto the diamond in the middle of the game jinxing a certain team in the post-season, post on Baseball-Insta.

  3. Post Original Regularly - This is the downfall of most of you. You get busy. You got lessons to give, meetings to attend and practice, etc., creating ORIGINAL content takes time. We know. That's why we started our company! Set a day a week or two as a target and create something fun, insightful or engaging, but create something and share it! Feel free to tag us and we'll repost - #smallballmediagrp

  4. Hashtag Wisely - No matter what you post, hashtags are the gatekeeper. Think about your audience and what they are into. Instagram is great for finding the right hashtags, Facebook is a challenge and Twitter sucks at it. It all takes some work, but in the end, you will be rewarded!

  5. Find the Right Buddy - Think about your content and who might like it. Think about accounts and hashtags with large followings and tag them. If you have the right approach and are consistent, your posts will catch fire with the right audience.

Well, that's 5 to get you going, but before you go, sign up for our monthly Social Scorecard for tips & tricks and a little self promotion on how we can help build your social network.

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